Game On! Sports Specific Programs

As distinguished from Game On!’s specialty camps (more intense,  sports specific camps offered for limited periods within the Game On! experience), we take pride in specialty programs offered regularly throughout the course of our summer camps.

These programs, whether off-site or on, involve veteran and respected partners ready to bring a quality sports experience to Game On! campers. While not all of the above-mentioned programs are available at all of our camp sites, we try hard to offer these where the demand exists.


Offered in both Chicago & Lake Forest locations our very popular karate is lead by veteran instructor Sensei Marla, head instructor of the Pride Dojo Karate School in Glencoe, Illinois.  We look forward to introducing your daughter to this challenging discipline. In the world of sports, karate is respected for its attention to technique, sound body and mind. Whether as an individual sport or a method of training, the benefits of participation can last a lifetime. See the full flyer at the bottom of the page for more details.


Offered in both Chicago & Lake Forest locations our popular yoga program is lead by our long time Yoga instructos.  They have worked with children & adults of all ages and abilities. The benefits of yoga range from improved posture, balance, strength, increase in flexibility and much more. Our instructors continues to inspire our camper while teaching them poses in fun and effective ways.


Game On! is proud to be using the United States Tennis Association (USTA) 10 and Under Tennis Format.

As part of Game On!’s commitment to providing quality instruction using the latest information, techniques and equipment, campers will participate in the USTA  10 and Under Tennis  format that uses age-appropriate equipment and courts that are scaled to the size of the players.

The Game of Tennis is now more Kid- Friendly!

  • With 10 and Under Tennis, balls bounce lower, and slower through the air and are easier to hit.
  • The courts are smaller as well as the net which adds to the amount of success.
  • The new format allows campers to have more fun and less frustration.
  • 10 and Under Tennis allows for more movement and teamwork activities with each lesson.
  • The International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) mandated the 10 and Under Tennis format in January 2012.
  • Our staff is trained in the 10 and Under Tennis format by the USTA

Click to visit their website and learn more about the program

Check out this Fun Video for more insight into the 10 and Under Tennis Format