Why Game On!?

Hear directly from our Game On! Families

Game On! Sports Camps 4 Girls provides a special and unique summer sports camp experience for girls. But you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Read what former and current Game On! parents and campers have to say:


Lucy wanted to sign up this fall after playing at Game On. I’m impressed that she’s playing aggressively. Good job Game On!   Kelly T.


Ally wanted to let you know she was moved up a level in gymnastics. She is now officially on “the team” and will compete in about 5 meets this year. She is proud and excited. Thanks for your interest. You have done such a great job creating a warm and caring environment (on top of the sports, fun and healthy competition. It is easy to compliment you guys because we truly feel that you helped our girls grow and learn this summer!  We are grateful!!  Amy H.


Hi Barb,

You are fabulous and everything you do to make sure your girls have a fantastic summer has not gone unnoticed.  Ella has had amazing summers at Game On! the last three years, but this year was particularly meaningful to her.

Ella made so many new friends and became very close with some of her counselors and felt a very strong bond with you and Sara.  She was VERY upset that we had to leave early the last day to pick up her brother from sleep away camp and she missed saying goodbye to her new friends – you, Tia and Stephanie.

I promised I would write to let you know she says “thank you and she sends a big hug” and if you could pass this on to Tia and Stephanie, I would really appreciate it.

What a special place Game On! is and I am thrilled that we are able to send Ella there!

Have a wonderful year ahead and we can’t wait for next summer.


Julie K


Dear Barb,

I want to thank you so much for doing something in Jadyn’s life on Friday that goes unnoticed. Yes, the award is great, she is very proud..but it is sooo much bigger then that. Jadyn is a great kid, and we have always told her that and given her that reinforcement, but she isn’t the star of a team, the stand-out of the group and at times at 8 or 9 years old, that can be very very difficult. We have always stressed being a great team player, that no group/team, etc could be successful without every memeber….but that is what  “mom and dad just say.” For her to get confirmation from an outside group, that she greatly admires, really hit home to her. For the first time I truly felt she went to bed thinking/knowing, she is playing a very important role in this world. Your entire staffs support and encouragement to all the girls is a truly admired. I know Jadyn is going into this school year more confident than ever in the person she is! For that, I thank you all soo much!!!!! Have a great year, see you all next summer!!!


Megan & Josh Aling


Barb and All

Clementine will not be at camp today. We are going out of town and decided to beat the Friday traffic.

I would like to say that our first experience at Game On was amazing. Certainly the sports instruction was great, but it was the atmosphere of congeniality and supportiveness of one another that stood out. I was able to watch the talent show and I was awe struck by the behavior of the girls while watching one another perform. They were silent and attentive, they cheered and clapped for one another and celebrated each other’s talents with enthusiasm. My daughter read a poem. She practiced for many hours and was very nervous. Being well received was invaluable to her confidence and self esteem.

I feel so strongly about girls and women having strong friendships and supporting one another through life, in good times and bad. Your camp instilled that in my daughter at age 7 in two weeks, and for that I am very grateful.

Cheers to you and your team!!!!

Maribeth M

P.S. A shout out to all of the counselors who are so friendly and positive.  🙂


Thanks again for all you do on behalf of girls in Chicago! Jean C.



Also, thank you for such a wonderful 2-weeks for Cassidy.  It’s been the best introduction to sports for her [age 4] and we are already planning on having her join next year! Morgan F.



First, let me thank you for creating the wonderful Game On Sports camp.  This was Maddy’s first year and she absolutely loved it.  As you know, she was supposed to not attend the last 2 weeks but begged me to stay.  I love the big life lessons she is learning and the tactical sport skills she shows me everyday.  Her “form” is great.  She found a new sport she loves – lacrosse.  The program is very high quality and I think a lot of that has to do with the coaches as well. Mary L.


Barb and Sara –

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for another great summer. Once

again, Alex had a great time, made friends, learned new things, honed

existing skills. We couldn’t have asked for more. Have a great rest of

your summer. Warmly, Ursula and Tom. (Also, we need to send in our

burpee challenge $$ – where should we send? let us know) Ursula O.



My granddaughter, Bella Brown, had a fabulous time at “Game On”.  She loved trying different sports and feels confident that she can succeed in them. Your program helped her to develop a wonderful sense of “self”.

Count on her to return next summer, sister Arden, too.

Thank you.


Diane B.


Hi Game On Team,

Today was Claire Brady’s last day of her two week Game On camp.  A note of thanks for putting together an instructional and high quality positive sports experience for young girls.  Claire was particularly impressed with “a lady that loved sports and earned her MD to combine the two loves & be a sports doctor for great teams”.  Unsolicited, Claire said “this is the ideal camp for me”.   It is an ideal camp from a parents perspective as well.  We have 4 kids & have tried a lot of camps over the years.  Game On is highly organized & education-minded with variety and a good mix of fun & perhaps most importantly, positive role modeling for our daughters.

Thank you for a great experience this summer!


Susan B.


Barb and Sara,

Just had to share this with you! Lexi completed her first 5k this past weekend. The Big10 5k in honor of her team WI at game on (and her dads alma mater)  We are so very proud of her she did a great job and most of all she had a blast!

Thank you again for such a wonderful camp! Lexi has really missed camp since it has been over and we hope next summer at Lake Forest will be a bit longer!

Thanks again for all that you do.

Wendy S.


Barb – I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for making the camp experience for Grace and Liana McGhee perfect!!   This camp provided EXACTLY what we were looking for with the girls.  We wanted them to have an opportunity to try different sports in a ‘relaxed’ setting.   Every day the girls came home and told us stories about what they tried (e.g. karate, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, etc..).    This was a lifetime experience for both of them.   Your camp provides for such a positive experience that it allows a beginner to feel comfortable to try something new.  I really appreciated the fact that you were ‘around’.  It is probably the first time my girls have participated in something that they actually knew and liked the owner.   You are doing great things at your camp.   Thanks again for everything it brought to my family.   I think Karate, basketball and lacrosse might be on the horizon for us! Karen M.



Things have been a little rough this week and I think we’re all just tired.  Our basement flooded Monday night and we’ve been without hot water, and trying to clean up the mess.  She will be there tomorrow for sure.  I know she wants to say good bye to everyone and I’m working on getting the pledge $$ from everyone today so I can have Rachel bring it in tomorrow.  I want to thank you again for everything and let you know that you/Barb do such a nice job with the camp.  It’s a great opportunity for the girls.  Rachel really enjoyed going and feels very proud of herself for the progress she’s made and her ribbons.  She was looking at them again last night and said she’s really proud of herself.  “You” push the girls in a good way, and I know Rachel has stretched as a result of being there.  Take care.





Coming from Singapore, camp is more than learning new skills etc. R’s US experience is shaped by our choice for her camp experience. She loved camp last year- learning new sports (lacrosse) and meeting new friends. We were happy that she felt comfortable enough with the way camp was structured to find her place. When you don’t go to camp with pals because you live 8000 miles away from everyone else, the camp experience can be a bit daunting for a 9 year old. I take my hat off to you that R found a good space for herself last year while initially knowing no one in her age group at camp, because she felt at home early on in camp. Thank you for that. We are back again this year because she had such a good time last year!!

-Carol D.

I am truly impressed with the community spirit you have here at Game On!.

-Shreya G.

From a Ponytail Parent:  “Dylan still wears her t-shirts all the time and CAN NOT wait for camp!  It did wonders for her confidence which is just what I was hoping for.  If you say “hey ponytails” to my 3 year old son he says “hey what” and then does his version of the cheer.  Very funny. ” – Caryn S. (parent of 7 yr old camper)

I just wanted to thank you for whatever you are doing at camp. My daughter, S, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it. She is already asking if she can go back every summer. I was laughing to my husband that I think in the initial paperwork I wrote that she doesn’t like sports and I wasn’t sure how she was going to do. Honestly, I had visions of a crying child every morning. I couldn’t be more happy to be wrong.  I played competitive sports growing up and it was such an important part of my childhood. I am so happy to see her enjoying finding the joy of these games.

Can’t wait to keep hearing about everything you do there. I wish I could go!!

-Amy Z.

“We LOVE Game on!”

 -Annie W

You run an amazing camp.  The staff is terrific and incredibly engaged and the campers are clearly having lots of fun.  I love all of the sports instruction (not just “go play soccer”) — it’s really creating a love of sports and a strong sense of team.  It was terrific to be able to observe it.

-Laura P

 GR is very happy to be back.  She and G had a blast yesterday and G told her mother she wants to come to camp next year.  I think a BIG factor for both girls is that counselors pay ALOT of attention to them.  It makes ALL the difference when counselors are interested in them, are enthusiastically encouraging and talk to them sincerely.

For example, GR told me she did not have fun at LFSA or AYSO soccer this past year.  So  I pulled her out of soccer for this coming fall. She said she didn’t know what the coach was saying to do and when she asked me to talk to the coach (she was too shy to confront the coach or any coach for that matter), I did, and the coach said to me “oh don’t worry. Someday she’ll get it.”    But no one ever noticed her hanging back, shoulders drooped and bringing up the rear–she never even tried to get into the scrum to kick the ball…

So, smiling, paying attention, actually intervening and showing her how to do things is already making a difference in the kind of way she talks about her experience there.

-Nancy C


Thank you for an amazing first experience with Game On!   Your camp more than lived up to all the hype and then some!  Our daughter is 7 and going into 2nd grade.   Her loves so far have all been individual activities but had not fallen in love with any team sports which is important to us as her parents since we both know the tremendous benefits that come from the team experience.    Your camp has given her so much confidence!  When she was smiling ear to ear about all her ribbons last week I had to walk in the other room so she wouldn’t see me tear up!    Thank you Game On!and especially Coach Hannah for all the support and enthusiasm you’ve given her.    We always have preached that “effort and attitude” are all that matter and its been so great to send her to a camp that reinforces these messages with our daughter.    We are now officially die hard and loyal fans of Game On!!

We’ll be back next year 110%!

-Tom G

L finished her three weeks of camp on Friday with the Washington Huskies – and her ask of us tonight was “to go to sports camp tomorrow!”  She had an amazing time at her first camp and I just wanted to express my appreciation for the work you do.  From the coaches to the activities to the ribbons to the parents communications to the pictures…it has been an awesome experience not only for L but also for us.

We will be back next summer….and if it was up to L it will be for many, many weeks.”

-Kim J

Once again F and V had a fantastic summer with you. Always tons to share about all you do. I thank you for taking such good care of them. I continue to shout from the rafters that there is no better atmosphere for a girl to be in on so many levels. Thank you!”

-Lydia C

I wanted to thank you and all the coaches so much for giving so much to F during these past weeks. She loves Game On! camp!

This never happened before with any other camp she went to. She is so much looking forward to go to Game On! every day.
Unfortunately we will be away next week so we won’t be able to be part of the closing ceremony. Next year we will plan summer around the 6 weeks of Game On! so we won’t miss any days.
Thanks again!

-Mariela S.

First I would like to thank you and all of the your staff for an amazing job that you do. My daughter L attended 3 weeks of camp this summer for the first time and she had a fabulous time. She was so excited to go every day and she walked away with a confidence that I had not seen in her with sports. She also found a new love for lacrosse which we will be signing her up for in the fall. I wish I would have signed her up for more weeks but we just did not know going into it. Next year we will for sure.

-Wendy S

H has really enjoyed playing lacrosse at Game On. It was her first exposure to the sport.

 -Eve B

So, last year, E got a pink ribbon (among many others) that she was really proud of.  I threw her ribbons in her keepsake box and didn’t think about them until the beginning of this summer when E asked me to dig up the old ribbons to display with all the new ones.  Well, of course, the treasured pink ribbon wasn’t in the keepsake box and I can’t find the darn thing anywhere.  E is very upset with me that I lost her favorite ribbon, so I was wondering if I could get a pink ribbon from you on Friday for the sake of family harmony.  I would be forever grateful!  Thanks!  

-Andrea S

I just wanted to let you know how much I love being a part of the Game On! staff and that this was by far my favorite summer because I spent every week at camp. I learned a lot more than I had expected about working with kids and it really makes me happy to know that I can make in impact in their experiences and attitudes about camp. I’m glad I could be here this summer and I was so sad to even miss the last two days. I hope I can be a part of this wonderful community again next summer and that your time until then goes well.

-Rachel G

I miss the  Kentucky team so much.  I’m so sad camp is over. I was crying when it was over. though I’m happy because I’m in New Hampshire with my cousins.

I can’t believe the summer is almost over.

best of luck to Kentucky.

-Caroline M

Thanks to you and your entire team for an amazing summer. We really enjoyed the closing ceremonies and plan to be back next year.

See you in 2014!

-Sheila K

To everyone at Game On! – Thank you for an awesome summer!  I am so lucky to have you in my life.


Just wanted to reach out to you and tell you… not only did my friends kids have a fantastic experience yet again at Game On.(J, A, K, C to name a few) but A told me what it did for her in 6 weeks.

She feels so confident and respected. She was amazed at all of the great athletes and coaches she met.

She learned a new favorite sport….Field Hockey. Her Latin friends have played it over the years but she had never.

She told me she had the best camper ever (C) and loved so many of the kids!

She has babysat and hostessed a bit but this was really her first job and what a great one to have!

She learned so much about dealing with parents, kids, bad attitudes, allergies, drama (lolol) etc.

The meetings after camp about situations and re-enactments were key in her development and training.

You obviously have put your vast experience, education and heartfelt love into this and it truely shows.

I am very proud of my daughter……

I told her yes we had an “in” getting in front of you from Jani and Steve Harris but she is the one who landed the job at 16, kept it, and left this summer feeling that she was recognized for her hard work.


-Tamara N

I wanted to thank you again for a spectacular summer.  I didn’t think it was possible, but M had more fun this year than she did last year.  You and your staff do a stellar job with the girls and we are very appreciative for giving M such a wonderful experience full of great memories!  We are looking forward to next year!

Thank you again for everything!!  I hope you all have a great year!

-Kristy A

Hi. This is Ursula, A’s mom. The race went really well. The race we ran was called the Electric Run. You run at night and there are lots of crazy glowing tunnels, etc. on the course. It was very humid that night so we did some walking, but mostly running. To train we modified a Girls on the Run 5k training program we found online. But really, more than anything, I credit you all with giving Alex the confidence to even try it. A bunch of friends in her neighborhood did girls on the run last year. She didn’t want to. But one night this summer she came home after camp and announced that she wanted to give it a try, so we did! I attached a not so great photo of her on the course — turns out my camera on my phone is not so great at night. Hope you all are well.

-Ursula O.

Earlier Years

My daughter loves Game On! Sports Camp for Girls and looks forward to going every summer.

-Katherin B.

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to experience a camp like no other. My children are sports driven and can distinguish the difference between a half-hearted attempt vs. the full-on, highly organized sports activities/instruction that Game On! is known for.

We have seen the improvements in our children’s game play. When we are anywhere on the weekends and my children see another girl from Game On! they light up with excitement, as does the other, in the delight of recognition, the sisterhood of Game On! Sports Camp can do.

Here is what we think of Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls:


We love Game On! and would be remiss had this opportunity not been available. Thank you to all for such a fine job.

Bonnie & Joey – Demi & Marlee too!

Sara, thank you so much for coming and leading our troop through some of your activities. The girls had a great time! I had a parent event with some of the mom’s from our troops Friday night and they all expressed what a good time the girls had. All of the leaders were impressed with your production and ability to engage the girls, especially with such a large group. Thanks again for coming! It is evident that you run a terrific program. My co leaders and the other troop leaders will be spreading the word about what a great program Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls has.

-Karen H., Girl Scout Troop Leader, Troop # 40153

I really enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the staff at Game On!. I think the camp is a great organization and I absolutely believe in what you are doing for those girls! I would definitely love to help out again if possible!

-Shannon McDonnell, Current Member of the Chicago Red Stars Professional Women’s Soccer Team & the Irish National Team

Amy has told me twice that this is the best camp she has ever been to!


We are having a great week on vacation, but the girls cant wait to get back to camp. We are blown away by their new athletic skills and love!

I can tell at home that they are thriving at camp!!!!!

-V. T.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note. Our girls had a great time this summer – challenged, new adventures, and had great company along the way. See you next summer!

-D. M.

This camp was run so well with the thank you notes and lots of communication which was great.


I had the best summer ever at game on sports camp and of course i am coming back but i was looking at the pictures from the summer and maybe if there is any way to put together a camp reunion one day because i know i would and many of the friends i keep in touch with want to see everyone and be one big game on! family one more time before the summer begins i hope we can do it Thanks for an amazing summer.


You should have seen the smile on Ashley’s face when I told her about the email from YOU! She cannot wait!!! We are not on the “sleep away camp” path and she really sees Game On as a place where she belongs in the summer. Thanks.


My name is R.A.. My daughter, A attended Game on Sports Camp this past summer for 4 weeks while we were in Deerfield on our summer home leave. Perhaps you remember her…she is the one with the long blonde ponytail who lives in Singapore.
I just read your email about the 3 on 3 tournament that you are having trouble getting girls to sign up for. I just want to say, I WISH we could be there to have A participate. Coming from a mom of a child who LOVES sports and does not have nearly as much on offer here in Singapore, I just want to say that we appreciate the inroads to sports that you are providing the girls…we just wish we could participate in them all. I sincerely hope that you get enough registrations so that you do not have to cancel the tournament for the girls. It is not until you have little to choose from that you realize how badly you wished there was more available. I hope the parents and kids back there will realize this in time.
Wishing you and your team all the best. We are looking forward to getting A’s early registration done soon for next summer’s camp. She does NOT want to miss it!


WE did want to put a personal plug in for Game On! Sports Camp for Girls. Anna went there for 4 weeks last year, and it has changed and inspired her. As we all know, girls are an interesting breed (and I know some of you have many of them, as I do!). Game On! really harnesses the best of a camp, sorority and a team building clinic. Anna came home every day happy, excited and yes, exhausted. This fall she has gone on to be on the H.P. swim team, and do soccer and lacrosse. She can’t get enough!

Owners Barb and Julie have really got something special at Game On! and I hope you will consider making your daughter a part of it. Anna is going back for 8 weeks next year and I know she’d LOVE to have friends join her. They are VERY flexible, offering packages to fit your needs, so if you only want 3 weeks, you get 3; if you want 5, you get 5 – it’s a very nice option. There’s also horseback riding and golf as add-ons.

-H.R. and J.R.

Since all of us have girls participating in AYSO Soccer I wanted to make sure everyone knew about a fantastic summer camp called GAME ON! Game On is an all girls sports day camp that our twin daughters have been at for the last (3) summers. Unlike any other camp, Game On teaches girls how to play sports – The camp emphasizes sportsmanship and fair play and is quite simply a very special place for little girls.

Our girls have greatly benefitted by attending Game On…

-J.V and H.V.

Faith LOVES it, and is already planning on being a counselor in 7 years . . .


Lexi comes running off the bus everyday saying the same thing every day…….. “today was the best day at camp” She absoutely loves it!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!