Community Outreach

Beyond our summer camps and school year programs, we immerse ourselves into the communities we serve all year long.  Our volunteer efforts include working with the Girl Scouts, lending an expert and caring hand at local events, and partnering with espnW to help make a difference at the local level.


  • Power4Minds Reading Empowerment Program:

GOAL: For girls to develop and enhance their confidence by reading books with strong female characters and empowering messages.power4minds logo

INSTRUCTIONS: Parents and daughters will work together to choose and read (reading together is optional) age-appropriate empowering books from the list provided. While reading, discussion is encouraged.

Participants will complete the reading of two books and an art project (on attached page or poster) on the book of their choice showing how the story made them feel stronger. Their artwork will be proudly displayed.

Upon completion, girls will receive a certificate of achievement as well as Game On! merchandise plus other fun prizes.  For the full form and details click here.

Please note that the exact requirements and prizes vary depending on the library partnership.

We will be partnering with the Northbrook Library for a month long Power4Minds program starting March 1!


  • Proud to Throw Clinics: We travel from city to city to provide girls with the opportunity to learn how to throw the ball with proper form and while having fun! But why, you ask?

Proud to Throw Like a GirlOur goal is to hasten the day where the phrase “You throw like a girl” no longer causes embarrassment and instead instills pride. The confidence that comes along with being able to throw a ball properly can and does transfer from the playground to the classroom and beyond.  

    • Want us to host a clinic in your town? Let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

  • Girl Scouts, Brownie & Daisy Troops – We donate our time to working with troops all over the Chicagoland area. We provide fun sports and team building opportunities that earn the participants specific badges and patches for their hard work. We are proud of our relationship with the Girl Scouts of America.  If your troop is interested in inviting Game On! to lead an afternoon activity, give us a call  at 847-229-9959. (see below for a note of thanks to Game On! from one of the many troop leaders we have worked with)

  • Yelp’s Community Outreach Program: We are proud to help further Yelp’s efforts to bring valued events to the community.

  • Mentoring Programs – Through the years, as fitting opportunities arise, we bring deserving young girls into our fold and mentor. This is yet another of the many ways we can help change young girls’ lives for the better.

  • espnW Sports Connection – Chicago: Game On! owner and founder Barb Lazarus along with Sarah Spain, (Columnist for espnW SportsCenter Anchor and host at ESPN 1000 Radio, Chicago Contribuor co-founded the Sports Connection on the heels of the 2011 espnW: Women + Sports Summit (, an annual event that gathers key influencers and innovators to examine and strengthen the women + sports community. The espnW Sports Connection – Chicago brings this collaborative and action-oriented thinking to bear at the local level with a specific focus on growing opportunities for girls in sports.

  • Internships – Whether it’s learning to work with young girls or furthering an interest in different aspects of business, we are all about providing hands-on, meaningful internship opportunities year-round.

A note from a  Girl Scout Troop Leader

Sep 20, 2010

 Thank you so much for coming and leading our troop through some of your activities.  The girls had a great time!  I had a parent event with some of the mom’s from our troops Friday night and they all expressed what a good time the girls had.  All of the leaders were impressed with your production and ability to engage the girls, especially with such a large group.  

 Thanks again for coming!  It is evident that you run a terrific program.  My co leaders and the other troop leaders will be spreading the word about what a great program Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls has.  

 Karen H.

Girl Scout Troop Leader 

Troop # 40153