Sports We Play

We Play for Fun
We Play to Train
We Play to Improve
We Play to Grow

As far as we know, Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls is the first and only private multi-week summer day camp in the country devoted to a multitude of sports just for girls. Whether you are a recreational athlete just looking for a summer of sports crazy fun and learning, an elite athlete dedicated to a sport or two either looking for a break from the intensity of your sports or the ability both to cross train and further improve in your sports, or a young athlete looking to explore with a vision toward competing in junior high, high school and maybe even beyond, our program can accommodate and inspire.

Aside from our core sports that include basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse and fitness, we offer exposure to and the opportunity to learn in more sports and games than you can imagine. And the list seems to expand year by year. Here is a look at a large and impressive sampling (as always dependent upon campsite accommodations):


Forehand, backhand, volley, serve, footwork, strategy; queen of the Court, jail break, cops and robbers, flamingo, short court, racquet relay, tennis hockey, four square, doubles & singles


Passing, serving, setting, spiking, digging, strategy; newcomb, submarine, spiker, partner pepper, queen of the court, battleship, dead fish, three on three, net save, a full game


Shooting, passing, ball handling, defense, strategy; knock out, dribble knock out, scatter, horse, dribble tag, 3 on 3, 5 on 5


Throwing, hitting, fielding, sliding (using the slip & slide), bunting, strategy; bucket of balls, home run derby, running bases, hurry up world series, full game


Cradling, shooting, passing, groundballs, defense, strategy, draw control; chase sticks, hungry hippos, musical ground balls, chicken feed, ladder hop, builders and bulldozers, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, full game


Dribbling, kicking, defense, passing, goal tending, strategy; steal the bacon, 4 corners, dribble tag, sharks and minnows, knockout, line soccer, soccer golf, full game


Horseback Riding

We partner with respected community stables and offer our campers first class exposure to the sport. (Extra cost involved)


Depending on your camp location, we partner with local programs that permit our  interested campers golf instruction. (If on-site, no extra charge. If off-site, an extra fee is required.)


There is so much more to this game. Our campers come to realize that it takes great coordination and endurance to play it well.

Field Hockey

Dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, strategy, small-sided games

Flag Football

YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? The huddles, the plays, the flag tackles.


This is the time for inner focus and body twists and turns you never dreamed of. So valuable for the athlete’s body and mind.

Karate/Martial Arts

Game On! brings in respected programs to introduce and excite. Many campers have chosen to continue on during the school year.

Dance or Hip-Hop

Considered both sport and valued cross-training for purposes of strength and flexibility, this is one of many experiences at Game On! that combines creativity and sport. No doubt Game On! campers got rhythm!


We make this fun and challenging to the extent that our campers thrive as they work to get stronger throughout the summer.

Track & Field

Sprints, distance, low hurdles, relays. We do it all.


Watch out – the balls come flying!


Our younger campers flock to the kickball flex field looking to round those bases.


Our campers flock to the volleyball court as they can’t seem to get enough of this game. And you would not believe how it teaches court movement and coordination.

Ultimate Frisbee

Another camp favorite that draws the sweat and smiles.

Alaskan Softball

A Game On! favorite that encourages teamwork and strategy.

Capture the Flag

A game of strategy and teamwork. Particularly stimulating as an all camp experience and a tradition during Color War Week.

Cage Ball

Can you walk like a crab and work with your teammates to kick a ball two, three or maybe even four times your size?


Our proud Australian staff members introduced the Lake Forest campers to Cricket, a game that truly requires focus and precision.


Depending upon the year and camp site, we partner with USA Rugby to run clinics that will effectively introduce the sport. In addition, we have rugby fun on an informal basis.