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LOCATIONS: Chicago, IL; Lake Forest, IL; Shaker Heights, OH; and Boulder, CO


Game On! Sports Camps 4 Girls have devoted years to teaching and inspiring girls of all levels, ages 4 – 14, in a wide variety of sports. We have worked hard to develop a customized teaching technique and unique understanding of how young girls best learn and thrive. The results are a program and environment that effectively foster their love for sports and fitness to last a lifetime.  This is our passion.  This is our mission.  We build the confidence to play.  We instill the values that shape character.  We offer the knowledge to support a healthy lifestyle.  We have a blast! The experience promises memories, friendships, smiles and lots of precious rosy cheeks.

Depending on your location, a summer Game On! style will include tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, flag football, ultimate frisbee, dodge ball, badminton, field hockey, in-camp clinics run by collegiate and pro athletes and high school coaches and field trips (family outings) to women’s pro sports games. The program is truly unique – there is nothing like it throughout the country.

The impact Game On! has had on young girls throughout the last ten years is proven and incredibly rewarding. Our growth in numbers has been explosive. Hence our current push toward expanding beyond our camps in Illinois, Colorado and Ohio.

Join Our Game On! Staff Team:

Game On! invites all men and women to review the position descriptions below. We are confident that your employment experience with Game On! will be the ultimate in rewarding and pure fun. No doubt you will grow as a person, a teacher, and an athlete and come away with cherished memories that will last you a lifetime.

Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls is looking for high school seniors and college athletes, coaches and teachers who share our passion for sports, fitness, kids and fun to join our staff team.

With regard to available staff positions, we strive to hire role models. Here is a list and description for most of the positions we offer, including unpaid internships:


Game On! Sports Camps 4 girls are dedicated to creating an exceptional, customized, and nurturing sports camp experience for girls. Game On’s Mission is to work with girls ages 4 – 14, to develop or enhance their appreciation and appetite for sports & fitness.  We recognize that even the slightest bit of progress means confidence and empowerment for our campers. The program is also committed to utilizing the power of sport to teach life skills, positive values and healthy habits. In essence, Game On! harnesses the power of sport to create strong girls, both in body and mind. The Camp Director’s responsibility is to execute the mission of Game On! every day at camp, in addition to creating the spirited atmosphere and energy we are known for. Specifically, a Director’s responsibility would include the following:

  • Securing and Maintaining a SAFE & FUN camp environment;
  • Serving as the ultimate role model for staff and campers;
  • Creating a contagious energy and spirit that carries through each and every camp day;
  • Organizing and executing daily camp schedule including morning team stations and afternoon optionals;
  • Organizing and executing special camp events and theme week activities;
  • Coordinating and managing camp field trips;
  • Scheduling, coordinating and executing guest clinics:
  • Managing and motivating camp staff;
  • Interacting with campers;
  • Forging relationships with campers and camp families;
  • Coordinating equipment needs and maintaining equipment;
  • Maintaining good relations with facility host;
  • Taking quality care of facility property;
  • Birthday card project and other creative endeavors
  • Overall supervision of and involvement in camp communications, social media and digital media
  • Potential for involvement in Game On! events during school year
  • Potential for aiding in the marketing of Game On! year-round

Some of the criteria we look for in a Camp Director:

  • Strong Athletic background a plus;
  • Current involvement in sports and fitness;
  • Extensive experience in coaching or teaching kids;
  • Extensive experience in management and leadership;
  • Self Motivated;
  • Strong desire to empower young girls through sports;
  • Energy comparable to the Eveready Bunny;
  • Warm and Dynamic Personality including sense of humor;
  • Organized and detail oriented;
  • Networked in community a plus;
  • Supreme patience;
  • Outstanding communication skills;
  • A keen understanding of the benefits of sports in the lives of young children;
  • Superb references

Assistant Directors

Game On! Assistant Directors will report to the Camp Director and assume any and all roles and responsibilities delegated by the Director. Typically the Director and Assistant Directors will work closely as a team, with the Director technically taking on overall responsibility. Consequently, we look for the Assistant Director to possess most of the same qualifications as the Director. (See above.) Assistant Directors may also take on the role of a Sports Director when appropriate.


Depending upon the particular campsite, Game On! hires Sports Directors in Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball & Lacrosse. A Sports Director will create & execute a detailed summer program, designed to help girls, grades pre-K through 8th, to learn the fundamentals & grow as an athlete in the specific sport. With a focus on fun & the joy of sport, directors will supervise and provide hands-on teaching. Sports Directors will also play an integral role in creating a safe, spirited and warm camp environment, with substantial involvement in all other facets of the “Game On! camp” experience as per direction from the camp Directors.

Desired Skills & Expertise

  • Experience coaching and teaching young kids in the particular sport;
  • Strong Athletic background (competitive, higher level experience in the sport is a plus);
  • A keen understanding of and passion for the empowerment of girls through sports;
  • Current involvement in sports and fitness;
  • Love for sports and kids;
  • Strong communication skills especially when it comes to kids;
  • Self Motivated;
  • Energy comparable to the Eveready Bunny;
  • Warm and Dynamic Personality including sense of humor;
  • Strong leadership capabilities balanced by the ability to be a team player;
  • Supreme patience;
  • Organized and responsible;
  • Team player
  • Role model
  • Great references

On a weekly basis, the Sports Director will submit a plan, organized into mornings and afternoons, that will detail the skill or skills of the week, the contests that incorporate development of those skills, and optional activities including wacky games and/or recreational, and/or advanced skill development or play. He or she will also submit the “challenge” for the upcoming Challenge Course Friday.


Coaches will supervise a group of approximately 8 to 12 girls as they rotate through various sports stations and other fun activities, attend field trips, and fulfill other assigned responsibilities. Note that depending on the campsite, you may be required to ride a bus for which you will earn extra pay.


Experience working with young kids;Strong athletic background;
A passion for sports;A passion for working with young kids;
A keen understanding of and passion for the empowerment of girls through sports;
Energetic, patient, warm & spirited;
Responsible and organized;
Good communicator;
Team player – willing to work and blend with the Game On! program and staff;
Great sense of humor;
Ability to work hard and stay focused;
Any past experience as a camper, CIT, or counselor a plus;
An appreciation for the benefits of sports in the lives of young children;
Great references.

MEDIA DIRECTOR: Our Media Director will create and develop video and photo albums throughout the camp season. Responsibilities will include taking daily photos and creating video for uploading onto our website and Youtube or Vimeo channels.   Qualifications include solid experience in creating video and digital photography along with the skills to upload, organize and incorporate into our communications program. To apply, email a cover letter, samples of your work, and resume to 


(*** Game On! welcomes the opportunity to work with university programs that will award school credit upon completion of the internship.)

We have had many college students participate in our Game On! Internship Program through the years. Examples of customized internships have included combination marketing/coaching; digital media (video and photography)/marketing; non-profit; and full-time coaching. We are very flexible in terms of matching career interests and Game On! internship experience. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to


We welcome individuals over age 21 who enjoy using their exceptional organizational skills to fulfill this administrative/communications role (i.e. maintaining database, day to day admin, answering phones, organizing bus routes). To apply, email a cover letter and resume to


For all Non-Administrative Positions, here is how to apply:

If you have a sports background and have the passion to help girls grades pre-K through 8th explore the thrill of sports, send us a cover letter and resume along with a completed application downloadable from our website at

Game On! is currently looking for a part-time Director of Admin in the Chicago area to help keep us organized and best able to serve our families. Note that some of this work can be done from home. 

Here is a glance at some of the characteristics we are looking for in an admin teammate:

1) Organized down to the smallest detail

2) Team player

3) warm and fun personality

4) Excited about building relationships

5) Passionate about our mission

6) Not opposed to working weekend or evening events every now and then

7) Energetic

8) Quick study when it comes to learning database and other technology

9) Work experience, at least a college degree, and advanced skills when it comes to computer work

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