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Recent Highlights

Notes from some of our scholarship recipients:
Note from Mom Mary:
Game On Sports Camp is where my daughter, Farrah got a real education on a variety of sports and with great instruction from the counselors, developed her skills in each. This experience allowed her to decide first hand which sports she wanted to stick with at the start of middle school.
This included a variety of activities you don’t automatically see at a sports camp. The camp allows the campers to raise money through fitness challenges. They had an Olympic event very much like the real thing. There was also horseback riding which was one of my daughter’s favorite activities. We are very happy to have discovered Game On! and have come back two summers in a row .
Dear Barb,
Thank you for giving me a scholarship for Game On! Camp this year. I hope I get to come next year. I appreciate it and thank you again for the scholarship.
What I liked about all of the girls is that they were all nice, and some of the girls said good effort, try again, you know you are going to make it, and sometimes I didn’t, but I did not give up. Sometimes they told me to come to eat with them and to play with them and hang out with them. “K” from Duke’s team said now I’m sad because MC is leaving. I definitely loved all the sports from the camp, but I don’t know how I got a blue ribbon in lacrosse. I didn’t know how to play Lacrosse before I came to camp. I liked swimming and canoeing, too.
I learned many new things at camp. I learned to play Lacrosse and tennis. I enjoyed making new friends and learning new sports. I am very proud of my ten ribbons. I put them up on my bedroom door. Everyone said “oh my gosh! “My family was amazed what I got! They asked how did I do all these sports.
Thank You, Barb, for giving me this opportunity in Game On! Camp. I hope I can come next year.
Thank-you so much for the grant you’ve graciously given me.  The grant means the world to me.  Because of your generosity I can now travel to the Olympic Training Center and represent my country in three international Judo tournaments.  The sport of Judo means the world to me and now thanks to Game On! Girl, I can go compete on one of the biggest stages for me.  If it weren’t for your generosity, I think I wouldn’t be able to go and compete.  So once again, I would like to express my thanks.
Last summer was my first summer at Game On!.  It was a lot of fun!  I loved going to Game On! because I love sports.  My favorite things to do there were to play soccer and basketball.  My skills got better because of the coaches.  They made my time at camp really fun.
I am looking forward to going back to Game On! this summer.  During this school year I have played basketball and soccer.  At my fiurst soccer game of the whole season I scored the first goal!  I also did lots of other sports.  And now I take a volleyball class.  I am excited to keep playing these sports this summer!
Top Ten Reasons Why I Want to Go To Game On!
I want to go to Game On! because…
1.  I can keep active
2.  I learn to play sports better
3.  It is fun!
4.  I come home and feel great everyday!
5.  I get to make new friends
6.  It is the best camp around!!!
7.  They take us on awesome field trips!
8.  I can play all of the sports!
9.  You can bring a friend to camp one day to show them what an awesome camp it is!
10.  You have all of these fun activities every week, for example…DJ day

 Our Proud Board Members presenting scholarship funds to our Paralympic Judo Scholarship Recipients  along with Coach Brett Wolf